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When you have an accident, it's very common for your frame to get bent. We have the tools needed to adjust your frame back to the manufacturer's specifications. You won't have to worry about extra wear on your tires or additional damage on other parts of your car due to your frame being out of line.

Expert tools ensure quality repair

   •     Chief EZ Liner SR21 frame rack

   •     Genesis 2, computerized measuring system

   •     Frames back to original specifications

   •     Collision repairs

   •     Expert mechanics

   •     Insurance work

   •     Guaranteed work

   •     Wheel alignments 

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We offer FREE estimates for insurance companies as well as for your personal, out-of-pocket expenses.

AAA Frame & Body Shop was established in 1952 and has been serving Tulsa' total collision needs ever since.

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In addition to our expert frame repair, we also offer repair and paint repair. Your vehicle can look new again. With 10% OFF your insurance deductible, we are your best choice.